The umbilical cord tissue stem cell therapy is use to help  growing baby during a very critical time. 

Umbilical Cord Tissue Stem Cell Therapy

The umbilical cord and the other products of conception are an amazing source of regenerative cells. This should not be surprising, as they help to support the growing baby during a critical time! The parts of the body used in the treatment include:

Umbilical Cord Tissue Stem Cell Therapy - Adipose derived stem cells


It should be note initially that no embryonic stem cells are use. And no abort fetuses are use in the process. The material is obtain from consenting donors after a schedule c-section where the babies are fine and the tissue is then processed at an FDA regulated lab. After the FDA regulate processing, the material is cryogenic ally preserve until it’s ready for clinical use. 

How Umbilical Cord Tissue Works:

Cord tissue, or Wharton’s jelly, is the protecting tissue encompassing the two arteries and one vein found in the umbilical cord. It contains fats, white cells and, all the more critically, an extraordinary number of undifferentiated cells. These undeveloped cells were found in the 1990’s, and their potential in regenerative therapies was immediately figured out.


Umbilical cord tissue is obtained after a scheduled c-section from a consenting donor, and then processed at an FDA regulated lab. After processing, the tissue is cryogenically preserved until ready for use. There are no ethical issues with the process.


The umbilical cord tissue contains a significant amount of cells that are very helpful to assist tissues with repair and regeneration. These include cytokines, exosomes, secretomes, growth factors, stem cells and micro RNA. Together, these cells can be instrumental in helping patients achieve relief. 


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