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FAQ’s on Regenerative Medicine and Los Angeles Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cells are the foundation cells for our bodies. These specialized cells make up tissues and organs, which form shortly after embryo formation in the uterus. As a person forms and develops, he/she continuously replenishes stem cells that are used to repair injured tissues.

Frequently asked Questions

Stem cells are defined by: their ability to self-renew and divide and their ability to differentiate into more specialized cells that make up the organs and tissues. These specialized cells can be injected into damaged and injured body regions.

There are many kinds of stem cells. These include:

The goal of regenerative medicine is to repair tissues or organs damaged by aging, trauma, and disease. Regenerative medicine allows function of tissues to potentially be improved, however, the field is very new and we do not have large clinical trials for conditions yet. The stem cells can be obtained from bone marrow, peri-natal tissues, or adipose.

Several small studies show that stem cells may help with hip, knee, shoulder pain. In a recent study, the quality of regenerated tissue was higher in patients treated with stem cell injections. We need larger studies to know just how well regenerative therapies work.

The various regenerative procedures being used at our California stem cell therapy clinics are:

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